“ If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

The future in medicine and the improvement of all conditions on this earth
is up to how we handle and apply frequencies.

In my workshop I will demonstrate with the participation of the audience how frequencies
can improve conditions.

Many new findings, updated information and 2 new technologies.
Among others – the threat of the 5G technology.
It is going to be a great and very intense day of learning
new data, unavailable anywhere else.

Over the past 2 years I have delivered many workshops across Europe.
It has been two years since I my last workshop in the LA area.

I will offer much more information and many new findings than ever before in my workshops.
These new findings resulted in two new technologies that I have developed with my team in Germany.
These two completely new technologies are “Made in Germany,” not in Hong Kong or China.
These are the highest technical standards I have ever worked with and will be so demonstrated here.

Money back guarantee

Even you if you have participated in my previous workshops, this will be a great event for you.
I am so confident in this, that I will refund you the cover charge back, if at the end of the day,
you say it was not worth your time or money.

Workshop Topics

There is only 1 reason you can become sick.
Sounds outrageous, doesn’t it ? I have delivered this workshop in many countries with a 100% success rate. No matter how skeptical the audience was at the start of these workshops, at the end 100% of the audience agreed. Everybody leaves this workshop with his/her individual health plan. This is a completely new mind-blowing concept in the medical world, very practical and instantly doable, nobody has ever offered this to you before.

Introduction to Kinesiology, what it really is, how it really works and how to apply it in your daily life for better and healthier survival. Practical exercises for beginners.

High Energy Technology – made in Germany
Increase and transit of Energy
– Increase your energy in less than a second. You can work longer hours, with less recovery time.
– Transfer of energy between two people in less than one second.
– Transfer of energy between two people over distance in less than one second.
– Transfer of energy between two people and over a distance in less than one second through the eyes.
– Increase of energy in an entire room in less than one second.
First time in (my) history I will transfer energy to another person through telepathy.
Tests will be conducted with the participation of the audience.

There is so much missing data – wrong data about water, water filtering systems, good and bad water, and what people think is good water, which in the most cases it is not.
Nearly all people I have ever tested are dehydrated, though they believe they are fine, as they just drank a large amount of water. Get the right answers….. Bring your water sample from home.
After this workshop you will fully understand dehydration.
Tests will be conducted with the participation of the audience.
Moisturizing products for the skin, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, usually do not work. Why ?

Protect Pro Technology – made in Germany
Cell Phones
Slowly, but increasingly, the word gets out that cell phones sabotage our lives and health. Nobody can live and work without these anymore. In the USA there are more cell phones than people, and the number still continues to increase. Tests will be conducted with the audience participating.
The problem with the new technology 5G – and what can be done about it ?

Wifi Stations may have an even more negative impact on all of us and our health than with cell phones. A cell phone you can switch off and put aside. But the problem is to get away from the WiFi stations in cafes, restaurants, even hospital, schools, kindergartens and even from your own home or from your neighbors.

Electric Cars
For the politicians and the automobile industry this is their new life line. However, almost no one is aware that electric cars greatly harm the human body.

Regular combustion car engines
It is not widely known that even regular diesel and gasoline cars can harm the human body.

Geopathic Stress Zones
Likely the most ignored topic in health is basically not taught in any medical education. This is the missing link to true health. Dowsers are aware for thousand of years that the earth is covered with Geopathic Stress Zones, that harm the human body. Nearly every one of us has these stress zones in the apartment, at work, in school, in kindergartens and in hospitals. If you dwell for an extended amount of time in such areas, you cannot become truly healthy.

It is widely unknown and ignored that each screen (Computer, LapTop, Tables, TV, etc…) harms our bodies. Tests will be demonstrated using audience participation.

Electromagnetic Fields
What do all the above listed problems and topics under PROTEC PRO TECHNOLOGY have in common??
In each case people are exposed to electro magnetic fields.
But what is the true problem behind electro magnetic fields? And how can we handle them?

Miscellaneous topics in the medical field.
– Chinese Medicine
– pH and its practical application for a better survival
– basic thoughts on Parkinson, Cancer, Alzheimers
– and much more

I am looking forward to meeting
and working with workshop participants.

I look forward to hearing from you anytime.

With my very best personal regards,
Norbert Heuser

727 – 470 2134


There is a limit in the number of participants due to the room size. The participants are seated with tables.

Saturday April 27 2019

10 am through 7 pm
Workshop Glendale, CA
Days Inn
450 W. Pioneer Drive
Glendale, CA 91203

Take Freeway 134 Exit
Pacific Avenue go South.

Ticket: $60

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