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All things in life now need to be completely re-examined with NEW-THINKING. In the future the areas of medicine, self-healing, food, energy, water, and general well-being on this planet, will all depend on frequencies. Frequencies will play the most important role in handling the problems of pro survival – and not the pills and the more than 70,000 registered chemicals, which are all toxic.

This planet is entirely based on frequencies. There are only 2 types of frequencies:

Pro Survival and Counter Survival frequencies. That’s it. There are no others. Sounds very simple? The truth is always simple. We must work to promote survival-friendly-frequencies and to stop or transform the counter-survival -frequencies.

And that is exactly what we do at IPC. With our EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™, we have something that is absolutely unrivaled and unique. Have fun on your trip to discover our solutions.

The tech that surrounds you – is it dangerous?

The science behind Proton Alignment and EMR mitigation